Retro Style Photo Shoot

If there is one of the most underrated wedding photo shoot styles it is the retro. Nowadays, wedding photographers are trying to revive this kind of tradition as noticed on classy and timeless shoots published on bridal magazines.


There will always be something with your wedding photoshoot in retro style. According to bridal photographers wedding vendors, this kind of style is extra romantic and classy. But before you could choose this kind of style, it is important first to find the right photographer. Most of the time, retro and vintage themes are characterized with old twines, homemade favors and accessories, and so on.

If you are tired of too-bold-too-modern style, maybe it is the high time to hire a retro photography specialist. The main essence of this kind of style is making your photos as if they are taken from another time. To achieve this kind of style, it is a must that your photographer is skillful in camera and post production software like Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and so on. Another thing that makes a photo retro is the format. Most of the time, retro shoots are in 35mm shots. This medium format parameter is the signature of retro shoots.

If you are pumped up in getting vintage and retro photos, the best way to start is giving out Polaroid and disposable cameras while in the reception. This is a fun way of getting photos in a lo-fi way. In general, retro productions are evoking the feeling of timelessness and class. Appreciating this kind of aesthetics will require a different understanding about photography.

In order to find a good retro photographer, the first thing that you should do is browse bridal magazines and look for photos in retro style. There are a number of modern photographers who are also doing this type of style. If you cannot find the style of this type from bridal magazines, you can always make use of online references. Nowadays, one of the most popular photo sharing and wedding idea site is Pinterest. You will surely be amazed when you see catalogue of retro photos uploaded on Pinterest. You can use them as your inspiration.

The next step is to contact or phone the enlisted retro photographers; schedule for an interview nine months before the wedding date. If you want to send out retro photos as part of wedding invitation, you should hold an engagement shoot with a selected photographer.

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During the interview, there are three things that you should measure. The first one is the personality of the photographer. There are so many skillful photographers out there, but only a few of them have good attitude. You cannot work with someone you are not comfortable with. The second aspect to look at is the equipment. As a professional photographer, the provider of wedding photoshoot in retro style should have state of the art cameras and backup accessories. The third part of the bargain is the contract. Every professional provider should provide this fine print in order for the service to push through.