Professional’s Advice to Have a Graceful Houston, TX Wedding Ballroom Dance

How to Attain a Graceful Wedding Dance

Wedding ballroomAre you imagining the moment wherein you and your partner will be introduced to the rest of the wedding guests as husband and wife. It must be the best feeling in the world. After the bustles of wedding ceremony and reception, there will always be a wedding’s first dance for the couple. Some couples are really nervous about wedding ballroom dance in Houston, TX because in the first place they don’t know how to dance and groove, and second they feel a bit shy.

According to dance teachers and instructors, it is natural for individuals to feel shy when it is their first time. But, the fun comes in one they get started and becoming comfortable of moving their bodies in unison with music. The following are some of the best suggestions for you in order to wing the first wedding dance:

(1) Pick a song that is reflective of your relationship as a couple

If you are to dance in a song for your wedding, it is important that the both of you have mutual connection with the song. Some couples are letting their dance teachers pick the song and the result is really terrible. Each couple has a different song choice so make sure that you have mutually agreed to the song. The song choice could be a classy song from Frank Sinatra or a contemporary one from Billboard hits. If you need more song inspirations, you can research online. As much as possible, the song choice should have good musical arrangement so it is easy to dance along.

(2) Choreography or not, practice

After the song selection, the next thing to decide on is whether you want to have choreography for the dance or not. There are some couples who prefer to dance without choreography, but there are some who want it to be a group effort. If you have friends who are relatively good dancers, recruit them and have the first dance choreographed. Initially, the first part of the song will be danced by the couple; the middle part of the song will be joined by your friends and family members who are part of the dance production.

Nevertheless, the whole point here is whether you’ll have choreography or not with your salsa, waltz, meringue and etc, you will need to allot time to practice.

(3) Always think of your dress and accessories

When choosing dance types, please make sure that you can move freely with your dress and accessories. You don’t want to dance awkwardly because your dress limits your movement. Secure the outfit and make sure it is appropriate for the dance.

At the end of the day, taking dancing lessons Houston from a private coach of wedding ballroom dance in Houston, TX really helped a lot. When having lessons with the teacher, you the option to avail a choreography package for everyone who wants to join. Please take note that group dance is more fun in a wedding reception. Try it!,

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