Unexpected Wedding Reception Disasters that Could Happen

Knowing the Shortcomings that Happens in a Reception

It is not new to people to have disasters on wedding day. It is just because of the irresponsible behaviours or an unexpected outcome that makes it a catastrophe. But, you don’t need to worry too much about these things. If you want your wedding day to go on smoothly for possible shortcomings that can occur, here are some hints of those problems that you can be ready for:

All About WeddingRuined Wedding Dress

It’s the morning of and it’s raining. Even if your wedding ceremony and reception will be inside, you have to get to the chapel without messing up your dress and hair. Plus, now you can’t take photos outside in front of your favorite spots like you planned. Embrace the rain. Send a bridesmaid or close friend out to buy a dozen golf umbrellas for you and your bridal party. To ensure your hair stays put, ask your hairstylist to accompany you to the ceremony for a last-minute touch-up. When it’s time to take pictures, grab a pair of cute rain boots and a matching umbrella for a romantic photo shoot—some of our all-time favorite wedding photos are of newlyweds kissing beneath an umbrella big enough for two.

Wild Child

Your flower girl, ring bearer and young cousins: so angelic during the ceremony, so C-R-A-Z-Y after overindulging in your sugary wedding cake. Kids will be kids—but that doesn’t mean they must be screaming, crying and racing around a formal reception. You can put them in tiny gowns and tuxedos, but you definitely can’t force them to uphold a formal atmosphere. If you’re inviting kids to your celebration, you have to understand they might not make it through without getting rambunctious. That said, there are some great ways to keep them from knocking things over and making a mess.

Drinking and Driving

You know it’s a successful party when you start running really low on supplies—especially liquor. Everyone’s had a good time, but everyone might not be fit to drive. What do you do about that? You already know that lots of responsible brides and grooms book buses or shuttles to ferry guests back and forth from reception to hotel. What you might not know is that you may need more runs than you think. While no one’s going to say they require a ride pre-wedding, after a few too many cocktails they might. A couple more bus runs will ensure you’ve got a seat for everyone to get home safely.

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