Vegan Catering Companies in Houston, TX – Perfect Options for Vegan Wedding Couples

Vegan Wedding Caterers

Many couples hire a catering company to take care of the food and beverages for their wedding. It is not easy to entrust with just any caterer a huge celebration like a wedding. Thus, couples must exert time and effort to search thoroughly for a service provider of wedding catering in Houston, TX.

Wedding cateringOne of the difficult types of caterers to find is an exclusive vegan catering service provider. While there are many caterers who cater different menu options, it is best to hire an exclusive caterer specializing in vegan dishes. This gives you the guarantee that the ingredients to use and the dishes to serve meet your expectations. Here are three of the vegan catering companies in Houston, TX that you can contact for your wedding celebration.

Plum Vegan – specializing in vegan cuisine, not limited to weddings alone, but for any occasions. Whether you are celebrating a small and intimate wedding or a big and grand one, they can prepare and serve vegan dishes from the finest and freshest ingredients. You choose from vegan and vegetarian meals available in their menu or you can request to have your favorite dish prepared by them. Choose from their wide selection of vegan menus, Asian, Italian, Tex-Mex or customized. Not only they provide food that are worth to be captured in photographs, the food is all natural too.

green seed vegan – this is an eatery but an eatery that specializes in serving fresh and healthy vegan dishes, like their famous gourmet sandwiches and the chlorophyll-rich dishes. They cater different events, like dinner parties, corporate gigs, conventions and of course, weddings. They have a food truck, if you like a less conventional catering style. But they can also have the catered food dropped off at your wedding venue.

Green Vegetarian Cuisine – here is another go-to catering company because they not only understand the environmental impact of vegan diet but have also made their business more than just that. The vegan restaurant observes strict recycling, so they have less impact to the environment. You will love their vegetarian and vegan comfort foods because they use free range eggs, fair trade coffee and freshly-picked veggies and fruits.

Visit any of these restaurants and caterers and see which appeals you the most. Choose a service provider of vegan wedding catering in Houston, TX that matches your taste and not only your budget.

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